Beep Baseball

About Beep Baseball:

The sport of Beep Baseball is a modified form of baseball to be played by the blind and visually impaired. The ball is a 16-inch softball with a speaker at the center, which emits a loud beeping noise. Batters hit off their own pitcher, who delivers an underhand pitch from 20 feet away. Hits must travel greater than 40 feet to be a fair ball. Pitchers and hitters practice their timing together to be able to make contact with each other. After hitting the ball, the batter runs to either first or third base (chosen at random). Each base is a 4-foot tall foam cylinder that is constantly buzzing.

There are six fielders on defense. The fielders are listening to the ball and working together to pick the ball up. Additionally, the fielders have the assistance of two sighted spotters on the field. These spotters are only allowed to help by saying one number per hit - this number corresponds to a zone of the field. Each batter is given 4 strikes and 1 ball per at-bat.

When the ball is hit into fair territory, if the runner reaches the base before the defense picks up the ball, he/she scores a run. If a fielder picks up the ball before the runner reaches the base, the batter is out. Similar to regular baseball, each team has three outs per half inning and games are six innings long.

Rules of Beep Baseball:




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